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Our Story


I attended Parsons School of Design in NYC     where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. 

After graduation I designed for such companies as Calvin Klein, Braemar Cashmere,  Ecco Designs and Garber Design Associates.

I loved the fashion industry but I rapidly discovered a powerful passion for interior design and décor.  It was in the magnificent glossy pages of Architectural Digest, World of Interiors, Beautiful Home, and others that I found the inspiration for my clothing designs. 

I ultimately put my career on hold so I could be a "stay at home mom" and raise my two daughters. My passion for art and design, however, could not be contained...... 

I continued to attend as many interior design showcases as my schedule would permit. And I always had my eye out for gorgeous antiques and home furnishings. My at home status afforded me the luxury of being happily "on call" to help friends and family with their decorating projects. My home became my design "lab."

Meanwhile, right outside my kitchen door, our wooded property needed landscaping and tons of TLC. The task drew me in. I emerged with a love and a flair for gardening and exterior decor as well. Who knew?

The refrain I heard over and over was "you should start your own business...you could do this for a living." Start a decorating business? Huh. The idea, almost instantly dismissed out of hand, became a pipe dream but a dream none the less.

So it finally dawned on me. I would form a decorating company that would address the many decorating dilemmas and challenges we all face. In addition, my company would adopt and perfect a revisionist approach to interior decor through recycling, repurposing and rejuvenating the furnishings and accessories we already have in our homes. Cherished objects could be reborn and serve a new purpose and inspire again. 

Of course, we can also create a totally fabulous space from scratch.

So here we are, and The Home Company even has a website!


































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